Thanks for visiting

The Lindner Chiropractic

& Nutrition Center!

Please text the office at 516-827-1933

prior to coming in.

Dr. Lindner and Staff do wear an N95 respirator mask. All chairs, door knobs, light switches, pens, counters are sanitized. Of course the treatment tables are also sanitized before each visit. My hands and yours will be sanitized before and after the treatment.

You the patient must follow this PROTOCOL 

Start with filling out this online survey that is HIPPA compliant.

1) TEXT 516-827-1933 and the protocol will be texted to you to follow.

2) Let me know you are here.

3) 2 in the office are allowed at a time.

One getting care, and one in the waiting room.

4) I will then text you after the office is sanitized to come in.

5) That is cleaning the front desk, the pen door knobs. 

6) I will sanitize my hands and the table in front of you to see.

7) Temperature is taken via Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

All chiropractic patients are healthy as expected. 

This is the only time that you'll hear me say this, but if you have a fever, cough, or anything that resembles the common cold, please get tested first as to decrease exposure and risk to others.


I hope you find everything you need.

The Lindner Chiropractic & Nutrition Center is focused on providing high-quality personalized care I strive to exceed your expectations.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.



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