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There are 3 different pdf files that need to be printed.

Please keep each one separate. Please give yourself plenty of time to fill these out.

They are very extensive and thorough, and will give Dr. Lindner Useful information to assist you.

Send check for $100.00 made to:

Dr. Steven Lindner ( or Venmo the money)

with your initial paper work for review of all your paper work.

After reviewing all the paper work, updated blood work as well, we'll set up an appointment for follow up visit to review everything together, along with your exam, see below.

$250.00 for initial consultation which is 1-1 1/2 hours. Includes Computerized BIA assessment, Physical Assessment, Blood chemistry review and plan

$120 for follow up visits up to 30 minutes in office or virtually.

New Patient Forms (PDF — 599 KB)

Form 2.pdf (PDF — 62 KB)

Form 3.pdf (PDF — 33 KB)